Cure were looking for something unique that would wow diners for years to come.



Cure - Singapore


Steak knives


Andrew Walsh



When considering the design for these knives, it was important for the knives to have a link with both it’s location (Singapore) and the Head Chef’s roots as a proud Irishman.

Emerald green was chosen for the handle material which reflects the Irish heritage whilst the unique harpoon clip is heavily influenced by the tools used by the local spear fishermen.



The steel used is sourced from Sandvik, a Swedish mill making some of the cleanest and environmentally friendly produced steel. When heated to nearly 2000 degrees, the steel becomes hard, allowing it to take an edge as sharp as a razor.



As well as the steel being resistant to stains or corrosion, the handle has been treated in a vacuum chamber to remove any air which could potentially soak in moisture. This prevents the handle from swelling and cracking, meaning that the knife will wow diners for many years to come.



The final design is both beautiful and unique with a heavy blade that makes for extremely comfortable use.