Steak knives

I love making bespoke knives for my customers. Some of the best restaurants and chefs around the world are using my knives, but I want to change that. I want my knives to be accessible to everybody.

A great steak deserves a great knife. 

Most people use either a standard table knife, or a serrated ‘steak knife’ when eating a steak. These knives simply aren’t designed for that purpose. A table knife just isn’t sharp enough and a serrated knife, well, they just tear at the grain of a steak which sucks. 

Over the past few months I have spoken with dozens of chefs and home cooks to discover what makes for a perfect steak knife. I have come up with something special. Over 100 processes are involved in making every knife, each knife taking around 14 hours to produce. This time has been reflected in the price, putting them beyond the reach of most people. 

With your help, I can speed up some of the processes by performing them in bulk, still by hand, but far more cost effectively, meaning I can offer them at a lower price.

Made from the highest grade stainless steel and ethically-sourced wood, these knives cut through steak like butter and will look amazing on any table.

By ordering the finest steel from my lovely Swedish supplier and getting it cut using high pressure water jets (yes, water!), I can cut down the time and therefore the cost to produce a knife tremendously. The knives are still hand-ground, sanded and finished, then heat-treated in my small studio in tiny batches. 

I stabilise ethically-sourced wood in a vacuum chamber and make my own custom mosaic pins. Basically, I’m still handmaking each knife, but thanks to modern technology I’m cutting down on the initial upfront work with laser focused water jets.

The result is a beautiful handmade knife that will be razor sharp and last for generations. A guaranteed way to be the envy of your dinner party guests for years to come.

They also make great, bespoke personal gifts, as I can laser-etch a name or short message onto the knife for you.

Take a look at my campaign to see how you can get these fine, high-quality steak knives, at a greatly reduced cost and let's give every steak something that it really deserves - a great knife.  Help me make the best steak knife you will ever own.