Made by hand, designed by you

I have been making custom knives for chefs, home cooks and restaurants for years and have made some truly unique pieces. It has been my dream for a long time to allow customers to design and have an instant image of the knife they have been lusting after. It's taken a while (and a forced break from knife making as I let my finger heal from an unfortunate accident with an extremely sharp knife) but I have finally been able to put my long forgotten coding skills into practice.

As each knife is custom made by hand, it makes sense to allow you to pick the elements, this makes the knife truly unique to you.

The first knife to be given the full customisation treatment will be the steak knife. At launch there will be over 1300 possible versions of the knife available.

The chef knife, bread knife and butter knife will all be getting the same customisation treatment over the next few months.

Your knife, your style

If have a grey curtains in your kitchen; no problem. If you have a snazzy yellow kettle; no problem. If you have a strange fascination for lime green (yuk); no problem. Its your knife, your style.

Have a play

A dozen or so of my closest friends are currently testing the online configurator to make sure it works as it should. In the meantime, you can see for yourself how this will work with this stripped back version. Grab a cup of coffee and have a tinker. 

Customisations coming early June

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