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Get a knife that your steak deserves

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A great steak deserves a great knife

Any questions?

Is this like a Kickstarter?

Yes, it is exactly like a Kickstarter campaign, except this one is on IndieGoGo instead.

Am I guaranteed to get my knives?

Absolutely, if the funding goal isn't met I am still able to complete the knives - they just won't be cut out with a really cool water jet and will take a little longer.

What about colours, can I pick my own?

Of course. Once the campaign is complete I will have a better idea of numbers. As wood is a natural material, I will need order numbers before dyeing and treating the wooden handles.

Can I order more, for my restaurant?

Sure you can, I have put together a pack of 24, just select more than one pack. For orders over 48 units, drop me a line.

Will the knives come in a box?

Yes. I am keen to package the knives in an environmentally sound way and am working with supplier to sweat the details. Once the prototype lands on my doorstep I will post some pictures.

Can I keep track of the knives being made?

Why not!  
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